Dated back to the 18th century, John McAdam created oil and stone as a form of pavement.

Paving contractors commonly refer to this method as sprayed seal, macadam, or chip and seal. 

Luxurious & Cost Effective

An oil and stone driveway brings the natural colors of New England to every home or business. The color is luxurious in its richness and vibrancy, making this paving method perfect for your home entrance throughout Fairfield County and beyond. 

We understand asphalt is a great paving option for many homeowners, offering both a clean and sleek look but we also believe every home deserves a unique appeal. The oil and stone technique provides both a customized and sophisticated appearance.

Advantages of Oil and Stone Over Blacktop (Asphalt):


  • Unique, customizable, and eye-catching color tones

  • Less expensive and easy to install

  • Virtually eliminates black ice

  • No seal coating is required

  • Fewer effects of aging and oxidation due to water and sun


Country Clubs


Golf and Tennis Clubs appeal to a certain clientele. This same clientele comes to expect an appealing property when used for their own recreation and to entertain clients, family and friends. Those smooth and maintained cart paths, parking lots and access roads will always look fresh and welcoming when you choose the right paving contractor for oil and stone. 

Connecticut Homes


Your driveway is one of the first features seen by guests when entering your home, yet it is the most commonly overlooked areas. Our paving contractors take the time to truly understand the vision for your home. This includes helping execute the perfect design that is functional and within budget. At Country Oil and Stone, we always manage to do both.

Yacht Clubs


We work to preserve and enhance your club's reputation and prestige by offering perfect paving services. Although most of your work is done on the water, your members will still expect a smooth path to guide them on their way. From the outside parking lot leading down to the dock, Country Oil and Stone is here to help keep your members satisfied in every step.

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